Arleen Crider, LPN

ACNA Director

Arleen is the founder of Indo.Guru, a proud Cannabis Nurse Herbalist and expert on cannabinoid therapeutics. She is a compassionate and motivated licensed practical nurse with over 13 years hands-on experience in multiple areas of the healthcare industry. She gained valuable experience providing care at the bedside in geriatric, subacute, long term, skilled nursing and hospice care settings.

Arleen soon discovered her niche in holistic health by partnering with plants in healing. Her passion for preventative care and holistic approach for healing and urban upbringing has given her the interpersonal skills to relate to diverse populations of patients and clients.

Arleen then combined creativity and love for plant-based beauty and ethical fashion, with a commitment to wellness and healing. As an internationally published Makeup artist, coach and Reflection Adviser, she has worked to empower young women and girls to channel the energy of healing through confidence and self care practices.

In true millennial form, and a talent for quickly mastering technology, Arleen has excelled in the specialty of Nursing Informatics. She has participated as lead clinical consultant on more than 40 national electronic medical record system software projects, working alongside other analysts, project managers and award-winning clinicians at some of the nation’s top medical facilities.

Currently, Arleen writes medical curriculum for the Cleveland School of Cannabis, the ONLY state approved Cannabis College East of Colorado, as well as instruct classes on the Endocannabinoid System and Patient Navigation to future caregivers entering the medical cannabis industry. Discussing interactions between doctors, patients, nurses and caregivers. Students learn how cannabis is recommended by doctors, retrieved by patients as well as the safe and effective application of cannabinoid therapeutics based on disease processes. She also has provided education on Dispensary Operations, which teaches students the proper operations of a cannabis dispensary in Ohio under HB523. The course covers many subjects ranging from dispensary operations, security plans, business management, and regulatory compliance, with a strong focus on interacting with patients and interfacing with the healthcare community.

Arleen is a 4th generation nurse, with a long and proud familial legacy of exceptional nurse leaders, practitioners, and educators. The expectation for excellence in nursing education, practice, and patient care is deeply ingrained in her culture. She has been an active member of the American Cannabis Nurses Association since 2016, participating on the membership committee and developing the Ambassador Program. She is excited about reaching a younger audience with social media outreach and increasing diversity by encouraging nurses in inner city communities to become educated and take leadership positions in the medical cannabis space.